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Why I Chose Direct Sales

We all know 2020 wasn't a great year.

For me, I wasn't able to go back to my full time job.

I decided it was time to be my own boss and run a business!

But not just 1 businesses, I decided to run 2!

Being able to run both Melissa Heyes Graphic Design and be a Monat Market Partner has been a dream come true!

Here's a few reasons why I chose to do direct sales alongside my graphics business:

  1. I adore the products! If you've seen my hair transformation, then you know exactly why I'm obsessed. It's so easy to share these products because I know they WORK! Plus, they are non-toxic, vegan, gluten free and cruelty free!

  2. The company is amazing. Family owned and run, debt free, and one of the fastest growing global beauty brands. They were rated #27 for best network marketing company in the entire WORLD in 2021!

  3. There's so many perks to being in the business. Free trips, paid for car, 30%+ discount on all the products (all the time), the community is encouraging and so much fun to be part of, you get the best in training and mentorship, the opportunities for growth are endless, and it's just so much fun!

  4. Side hustles are just smart in this day and age. Having multiple streams of income are highly recommended by financial advisors, they say to have at least 7 different streams of income. So, why not do one that also gives you a discount on products you love?

I am seriously so thankful I decided to join a direct sales company.

If you're looking for your opportunity, look no further!

Send me a message and I'd love to share more about this opportunity and how you can get started!

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