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Scalp Health

Did you know your scalp ages 12 times faster than the skin on your body and 6 times faster than your face?!

That's why I'm passionate about helping people get their scalp healthy.

If you're wanting healthy hair... you've gotta start with a healthy scalp.

The reason my hair is so healthy now is because I focused on healing my scalp too.

Here are 2 recommendations for how to keep your scalp healthy:

Do a weekly oil treatment

I recommend using Rejuveniqe Oil for this. It penetrates all 3 layers of your hair, so there is no residue left! This aids in healing your hair from the inside out. It helps provide nourishment, anti-aging and long lasting shine to your hair. It helps remove build up on your scalp to allow your hair to grow in stronger and fuller.It helps balance out your bodies natural oil production (which then helps you have less oil or more oil depending on your scalps needs).

Try a scalp scrub

Seriously. Monat’s Scalp Purifying Scrub is a game changer.

This scrub and shampoo combo helps dissolve dead skin cells, remove build up and leaves your scalp feeling squeaky clean.

If you struggle with oily hair, itchy scalp, or just want a deeper clean.. this is a must have product.

Did you know it uses pink clay as the exfoliant instead of silicones? The clay dissolves right into your scalp instead of silicones that just sit on top.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you're using products that will help with your specific hair needs!

Not sure what those are? Take my hair quiz for the best recommendations.

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