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Melissa Heyes Creative | Website Design and Branding


Thank you for your interest!

Here you will see a collection of my latest work, as well as my unique approach to graphic design. Please reach out if you'd like to see further examples of my work.

Star Beat Dance Champions

When Star Beat Dance Champions asked me to update all their branding for their yearly programs, awards, marketing materials, signage, and other printed materials, I knew it would be a challenge worth taking on. Through collaboration with my clients, I bring their visions to life while ensuring that their design goals are met with satisfaction.


ImaginAble Solutions Website

When I was approached by ImaginAble Solutions, a social impact company that creates assistive technology for people with disabilities, I knew that this project was going to be meaningful. I took on the task of completely reworking their website to make it more accessible, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. I made sure to highlight the importance of their work and showcase their updated branding in a way that is modern and engaging.

ImaginAble Solutions Website

Rubbing Elbows Book Design

As a graphic designer, I am passionate about bringing creativity to all aspects of projects, from conception to final product. Rubbing Elbows, a book I designed from book cover to internal formatting, was a project I truly enjoyed working on. My client, Joey Nobleman, approached me with a vision for a new book and also need for a logo and marketing materials for his publishing company. I created a comprehensive design that integrated all his needs seamlessly to create a cohesive and visually striking look.


Impact Church

When I worked with Impact Church, I put my skills and experience to work, developing unique, engaging designs that helped them to connect with their community and reach new audiences. I was able to create new marketing materials and screen graphics to help brand their weekly messages.

mock up.jpg

Kintore College Website

I had the privilege of working with Kintore College to modernize their web design and bring their website into the 21st century. I used my expertise in graphic design to create stunning visual representations and

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 9.57.41 AM.png

Speak Life Global

I took on a project for Speak Life Global, who were in need of all new branding, from logo design to website development. With my skills and expertise, I was able to create a cohesive and impactful brand that truly reflects their vision and mission.

Web Design.jpg

Magnolia Flower Market

 I recently worked with Magnolia Flower Market, a soon-to-open business, to develop their branding and design materials. I created a custom logo for them, along with business cards, stickers and more, that helped to establish their brand and set them apart from the competition.

SM Post 4.jpg

The Shepherds Photography

The Shepherds Photography approached me seeking new branding, which we accomplished through a simplistic yet impactful black and white colour palette, with a hint of blue added in to capture their style. I pride myself on my ability to deliver exactly what my clients envision, while bringing my own creativity and expertise to the table.

The Shepherds Photography.jpg

Bella Casa Interiors Marketing Materials

When Bella Casa Interiors needed new marketing materials, I was excited to take on the projects. I took their established branding and created beautifully designed rack cards and lawn signs that perfectly represented their brand and attracted new customers. With my eye for detail and understanding of the importance of branding, I am confident I can help your business stand out in your industry as well.


Hamilton Forest School

One of my most successful projects was helping Hamilton Forest School establish their brand identity. From designing a custom logo, website, social media te creating marketing materials, the goal was to create a unique, recognizable brand that would set them apart from their competitors. 


Little Rose Cookie Co.

I was thrilled to tackle Little Rose Cookie Co's rebranding project. They were a well-established business that needed a fresh look to stand out in their competitive market. I took on the challenge, redesigning their logo, website and created all new marketing materials and templates for their printed needs. It was a pleasure to work with them, bringing their vision to life and helping their business grow.


Wowscape Contracting Inc.

I worked to create a custom identity for Wowscape Contracting Inc. that perfectly captured their brand values and vision. The result was a stunning set of marketing materials, including a website, brochures, and business cards, that helped the business start out on the right foot.

Untitled design-5.png

Restorative Touch Physiotherapy

I am proud to have worked with Restorative Touch Physiotherapy, where I brought a modern and fresh look to their branding. I redesigned their logo while keeping the essence of their old logo, and also revamped many of their marketing materials including business cards and brochures.


Effortless Travel

One project that I took on was for a travel agency that needed new branding. I designed their logo and business cards to represent who they are and what they offer.

Effortless Travel.jpg
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